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Local attractions & events

Spring attractions

  1. Easter – enjoy Spring in the country as new shoots sprout all around.
  2. Migrating birds – spot the huge number of migrating birds that pass over Lincolnshire, particularly along the coast.
  3. Blossom – Brackenborough is at its most beautiful when the hedges and orchard trees are covered in blossom and many trees and flowers are blooming.

    Spring blossom
    Spring blossom

  4. Spalding Flower Festival – see the unique Spalding Flower Festival, with all the floats ornately decorated with tulips.
  5. Colourful countryside – this is the time the countryside is most colourful; the deep greens contrasting with bright yellow.
  6. Walking festival – in the last two weeks of May come to the Lincolnshire Wolds when there are many guided walks.
  7. Birdsong – enjoy the song of the returning birds and watch them nesting in the grounds of Brackenborough Hall.
  8. Blackthorn/hawthorn hedges – follow one of the many walks by the colourful hedges covered in bright white blossom.
  9. Badger watching – as the evenings get longer, sit quietly by one of the setts on our farm and wait to see them emerge.
  10. Year-round attractions